Kim Barlow-Miles Counselling

About Psychotherapy/Counselling

The terms Psychotherapy and Counselling are sometimes used interchangeably; some practitioners, however, consider that ¬†Psychotherapy goes beyond ¬†Counselling, actively seeking to develop the client’s self-awareness and capacity to challenge barriers to change.

Humanistic Person-centred Psychotherapy is grounded in the belief that we all have immense potential for positive change, and are constantly changing, based on our experiences of our environment. We are capable of adjusting in the most creative ways to survive difficult times, and can sometimes become stuck with these coping strategies, our defences, when they are no longer helpful. My role, as a fundamentally Person-centred Psychotherapist, is to establish a therapeutic working alliance with the client, in a warmly empathic, non-judgemental, sincere way, to support him/her to understand what has gone wrong in the Past, but focus on Here and Now, and develop a reliable internal gauge of what feels right and what does not. This leads naturally to greater confidence to make more healthful choices and changes, taking us closer towards personal fulfillment.

The Psychotherapist has sometimes been compared to a gardener, preparing the soil, together with the client, so that the ground can nurture the seeds of change chosen by the client.

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