Kim Barlow-Miles Counselling


How do I know if I need counselling/psychotherapy?

Most people will feel the need to talk in confidence to someone ‘independant’ at some time in their lives; it could be as a result of a crisis (at home, at work, in relationship), or feelings of grief that ‘just won’t go away’.  it may simply be that you feel you can’t cope right now, and it’s difficult to explain to friends and family – who may be full of ‘good advice’! If there is something bothering you, it’s probably worth a call to discuss whether an initial assessment appointment is worthwhile.

If I start having therapy, will it become a habit I get stuck in?

The purpose of therapy is to help you free up the ‘stuckness’ in ways of being and behaving, which might well have brought you to counselling in the first place. So our joint aim will be for you to complete therapy as soon as possible.

How will I know when I have had enough counselling sessions?

We will focus on your desired outcomes from the very beginning, and be clear about the differences in ways of being and behaving that you seek, specifically what these would LOOK and SOUND and BE like.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

The actual number of sessions varies from person to person depending on the issues. I often work in ‘groups’ of 4 sessions, reviewing progress at the end of each group, to plan whether we need another 2 or 4, at that point. Typically in 8 sessions, many people are feeling much better and ready to move on. For some however, longer-term therapy may seem helpful. I also offer telephone support at times of particular difficulty.

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