Kim Barlow-Miles Counselling

My Services: Business

I offer confidential Employee Assistance Progammes, such as the one described below, for Businesses with up to 50 staff. I also provide customised staff Development and Training on Stress Management and Coping with Change and Uncertainty, etc. Where necessary, I visit Business premises during working hours to counsel individuals or groups following a Critical Incident or Trauma.

Bilborough 6th form College, Nottingham, has had my Employee Assistance Scheme available to its staff since 2005. Staff contact me via a mobile phone Helpline and are responded to within 24hours. They may opt for telephone counselling, up to 8 face-to-face sessions at my clinical practice in central Nottingham, or a combination of both. Appointments can be arranged for out of working hours if required. The college is invoiced monthly, and client identity is protected by a unique code system. I also provide in-house staff development training as requested.   This Scheme has been running successfully for nearly 4 years. Alison Butlin, HR Manager at the College says ‘ Kim has provided a professional counselling service for us for over 4 years. Staff value the service very highly and feedback comments include “essential support during difficult times” ;” invaluable” ;”excellent service” ;”fantastic”

In September 2009, I provided training on Mental Health Disorders for HR Managers based in Adult Social Care and Health for Notts County Council. Using case studies, the focus was on attendance management, by early identification of staff experiencing emotional difficulties and the offering of practical measures plus my AVER (= affirming) format of support:

  • A – attentive listening, a non-judgemental approach
  • V – validating the experience (normalising)
  • E – encouraging access to support
  • R – recognising existing achievements 

Response to this training was highly positive, and it is hoped to roll-out this programme to other HR Managers within this Local Authority.

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